You cannot pay online via our website at the moment. However, this will be possible in the near future.
For the time being, payment of your order will be as follows:
  1. If you order stock wines, we request:
- If you live in Belgium: payment prior to delivery or on delivery of the goods.
- If you do not live in Belgium: payment prior to shipment via a bank transfer; your invoice will be sent by e-mail in this case. Bank details and payment information can be found at the right bottom of the invoices. Once the payment has been credited to our account, your order will be dispatched.
  1. If you order primeur wines, you will receive a confirmation invoice by post or by e-mail after we have checked the availability and quantities of the wines ordered. We request that you settle this amount within 7 days by means of a bank transfer. Once the payment has been transfered to us, the reservation of the wines will be final.